April 24, 2024

A great and timely innovative stride has been accomplished by the University of Ghana The Institute of Applied Science and Technology led by Professor David Dodoo-Arhin was able to produce fuel out of plastic.

Three types of fuel were made including gas, diesel and petrol, and they’ve been found to be of standard quality. The University of Ghana has been successful with a project that could save the Ghanaian economy from the high cost of fuel which results in a high cost of living.

According to the Ghana News Agency, who spoke to the director of the institute leading the project during, a five-day workshop, the project successfully produced gas, petrol and diesel from plastic. Professor David Dodoo-Arhin, the Director of The Institute of Applied Science and Technology at the university, also revealed that the team used a semi-laboratory batch reactor system to produce the three kinds of fuel from plastic.


Source: yennews.com

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