July 14, 2024

The Young Adult Fellowship (YAF) of Emmanuel Presbyterian Reformed Church (EPRC) in New York City in the Bronx held its end-of-year party on January 13 2024 at the Eastwood Manor on Eastchester Road in the Bronx. The program which was attended by 55 members of the fellowship lasted for 5-6 hours. The theme for the event was “THE ROLE OF THE YOUNG ADULT IN CHRISTIANITY”.  The president of the group Mr. Ebenezer Sam a.k.a Humble who addressed the group based his speech on the theme of the group and urged all members to be fully active in the spread of the Word everywhere they find themselves ie: home, workplaces, subways, etc. as everybody needs to hear the word of God. In his conclusion, he encouraged all members to be each one’s keeper and set up an operation to bring one member to church.

The program was highly participated by all members as they danced their hearts out to music provided by Flexy Media a private media station in the Bronx. The Secretary of the group Clara Ampem-Darko thanked all members for their massive turnout and bid everyone a safe trip back home.

Execurtives of the group

Mr. Ebenezer Sam (Humble) – President

Mr. Emmanuel Aninakwa (Bushmeat) Vice

Mrs. Clara Ampem-Darko -Secretary

Bro. Kwame Acheampong -Assit. Sec.

Miss. Ruth Asiedu – Charplain

Mad. Matilda Oteng – Assit. Chap.

Mr. Samuel Kusi Yeboah. Finance

Sis. Racheal Ako – Female Organizer

Mr. Desmond Asante (Flexy) Organizer



  1. The joy of God which is the foundation of our fellowship filled us all that night. It was a spectacular night filled with Love and Peace.

    We had fun together as a group. Big shot out to Flexy our main organizer and every member on the executive bench. God bless you all abundantly folks. You Do All….!

    Watch out for EPRC YAF REFORMED with more news, views, amazing programs and a radio talk show coming up soon. Let Love and Peace Lead. Shallom!

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