April 22, 2024

A vet on TikTok showed people what a day in her life looks like when she works with wild animals The wildlife doctor was working on a sedated lion, but it decided to wake up long before the scheduled time Online users were in stitches over how the entire medical wildlife team freaked out when the lion started moving.

A veterinary doctor showed people how quickly the job could become dangerous. The doc and her team were meant to work on the sedated lion, but it came back to consciousness too soon.

A video that shows a team’s reaction to the lion regaining consciousness had peeps flooding the comments section with jokes.

In a video on TikTok, a vet was working on a sedated lion that woke up too soon. The king of the jungle was surrounded by seven people who bolted when it started to move.

Peeps are often fascinated by wildlife interacting with people. Online users were amused by the seven people’s reactions when the lion unexpectedly woke up. What was more impressive was the workers who managed to get into the vehicle for safety. Paul Delaney Delaney commented: “It’s a simple game, it’s called last person standing is the main course.”

“The only way you’ll find me there is if you made me the driver. But as soon as I see Simba is awake and you guys screaming, I would have left.”

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