July 14, 2024

West Hills Mall has said the boy who was killed at its premises on Monday, January 30, 2023, was suspected by the police officer of possessing a banned substance The management of the mall also said Shadrack Arloo resisted arrest compelling the police officer to use a stronger force The statement issued on Thursday, February 2, 2023, said Shadrach was pronounced dead by medics upon arrival at a facility on the same premises.

The management of West Hills Mall, where a policeman allegedly beat a young man to death, has released a statement on the tragic incident that happened on its premises. The statement issued by the assistant asset manager of West Hills Mall Olympio Agbodza explained that Shadrach Arloo, the young man “removed something from his bag and swallowed it as the policeman approached him.”

“The Police Officer ostensibly suspected the customer, a young man between 25 and 30 years, of possessing dr*gs or banned substances,” the statement, published in bits on state-owned Daily Graphic, said.

The boy’s elder sister, a popular gospel singer called Perpetual Didier said her brother was brutalised by the policeman. In a Facebook live video, the woman alleged that the police manhandled her deceased brother leading to his untimely death.

Police say their agency responsible for ensuring the professional conduct of personnel is looking into the matter.

Portions of the West Hills Mall statement also indicated that the policeman, whose identity has not been released, was compelled to use stronger force to arrest him because he resisted arrest. “West Hills Mall’s 24-hour security surveillance system captured footage of the officer apprehending the young man, as well as another man who accompanied him, as they headed for the main entrance of the mall.

“In an attempt to handcuff the young man, a struggle between the parties ensued while the Police Officer tried to handcuff him. He was eventually handcuffed but stopped struggling and appeared unwell after that,” the statement disclosed further.. The statement added that when the police officer realised that Shadrach suddenly looked unwell, he removed the cuffs from his hands, and rushed him to a medical facility on the same premises. “Sadly, he was pronounced dead by Medics upon arrival,” the statement said. Police have since retrieved Shadrach’s body for autopsy.


Source yennews.com – George Nyavor 

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