April 12, 2024

A crocodile farmer in northern Cambodia has been torn to pieces by about 40 of the reptiles after falling into their enclosure, local police say.

Luan Nam, aged 72, tried to move one of the egg-laying animals out of its cage when it grabbed his stick in its mouth, pulling him in, police said.

“Other crocodiles pounced, attacking him until he was dead,” police chief Mey Savry told the AFP news agency.

The incident happened near the city of Siem Reap on Friday.

Mr Nam’s body was covered with bite marks and one of his arms was missing, Mr Savry said.

The victim was the the president of the local crocodile farmers’ association.

In 2019, a two-year-old girl was killed and eaten by crocodiles at a similar farm in the area, which is close to the world-famous Angkor Wat temple.

The animals are bred for their eggs, skin and meat in the south-east Asian nation.



Source: bbc.com 

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